We are so grateful to you Jamie for building us such a magnificent home and taking us through the journey so well.  Building a large French Colonial home was not easy – there were difficult areas technically to be sorted out which you did extremely well.  We always felt we were in safe hands – from the beginning contracting stage to the end of the project.

Neville and I have felt it has been a wonderful collaboration with you.  You wanted our house to be just as good as we did. We are so glad you were our builder. We felt you were very committed to helping us build our dream home that fulfilled our vision.

You have been very fair and honest with us - you treated us with integrity the whole time and appreciated that we were the same in our approach with you.

We feel very lucky to have benefited from your skills, experience, maturity and wisdom. You listened well, explained issues well and gave us options where possible, to enable appropriate decisions to be made. You were always planning in advance to give us enough time to research and decide on products to be used. You also came up with great design solutions (big and small) throughout the project that worked technically but also aesthetically.

You brought with you a wonderful team. Their workmanship was faultless and all were very polite to us. They were all committed to doing an excellent job.

Lastly we appreciate the way you worked through problems with us as they occurred. You could not have handled them better.

We wish you well in the future.  We would be very happy to be referees for you.


Anne-Marie Pedeau and Neville Bullard